Experience the Variety of Foods at Kroger in Mountain View

Living in Mountain View means having access to an abundance of delicious and nutritious food options. As a bustling Silicon Valley suburb, Mountain View attracts people from all over the world, and the grocery stores here reflect that diversity. Of all the grocery stores in town, Kroger stands out for its incredible selection catering to all tastes and diets.

The Kroger in Mountain View is conveniently located at 575 N Shoreline Blvd, right off the Shoreline Boulevard exit from highway 101. This makes it easy for shoppers from Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and beyond to access.

Stepping into Kroger Mountain View instantly reveals the breadth of options available. The produce section overflows with fresh fruits and vegetables, many of them organic. You can taste the sweetness of organic strawberries or savor the crunch of organic kale. Avocados, oranges, mangoes, potatoes – whatever you need, it’s here.

Beyond fresh produce, Kroger Mountain View features a stellar selection of organic packaged goods. Organic soups, pasta sauces, nut butters, granola, snacks – it’s all available here. As a bonus, the organic selections are clearly labeled, making them easy to spot. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo or just looking for healthier options, Kroger Mountain View has you covered.

The variety extends beyond organic and specialty products. Kroger Mountain View houses all the traditional grocery departments you would expect. Pick up a perfect steak or fillets of fresh fish from the bountiful meat and seafood department. Wide aisles make navigating the store pleasant and being able to easily grab a cart makes shopping seamless.

For those time-crunched evenings, swing by the extensive prepared foods section offering everything from hot soups, made-to-order pizzas and build your own burritos to cold salads and sides ready for a quick weeknight dinner. The sushi section will satisfy any craving for fresh, expertly crafted rolls.

No matter what you’re looking for, the helpful Kroger employees are happy to assist. Ask them to point you towards gluten-free crackers, vegan cheese, or that specialty ingredient you can never find. Take advantage of their expertise so you can discover new foods and products suited to your needs.

Part of what makes the Mountain View Kroger so extraordinary lies in the hyper-local options. Peruse the olive oils, jams, honeys and other products sourced from small businesses just down the road. You can taste the care and quality from artisans crafting small batches not far from home. Supporting these local purveyors means your dollars stay right here strengthening our community.

When it comes to affordability, Kroger Mountain View delivers. They offer lower prices compared to many competing grocers. Bargain hunters can print coupons online at home to maximize savings. Signing up for a Kroger Plus card also unlocks special discounted prices. Kroger frequently runs promotions like Buy One Get One Free on selected items. Combining these perks makes it possible to keep your grocery budget under control, even with Kroger’s premium offerings.

For added convenience, Kroger Mountain View provides an online grocery ordering service. Browse what’s in stock from the comfort of your home, order everything you need, then pick it up curbside or have it delivered. This option helps you avoid crowds and saves time spent meandering up and down the aisles. Choose a pickup window that fits your schedule. I love using the online ordering when my fridge is looking bare but I don’t have time to navigate the store.

Kroger Mountain View operates daily from 6 AM to midnight, providing extended shopping hours. This comes in handy when you realize at 9pm that you’re missing a key ingredient for tomorrow’s dinner. No need to hop in the car and drive to a 24 hour supermarket, just head over to Kroger.

Inside Kroger Mountain View you’ll also discover a bustling pharmacy providing medications, vaccines, and compassionate pharmacists ready to address your concerns. Get your flu shot or pick up prescriptions without needing to make an extra stop. The pharmacy delivers convenience alongside quality care.

If you’re seeking employment, consider applying at the Mountain View Kroger. Positions range from cashiers to stockers to department managers. Kroger provides competitive wages along with healthcare and retirement benefits, plus employee discounts. Working at Kroger also comes with perks like tuition assistance should you want to further your education. I had a friend who worked here part-time while earning her nursing degree – the flexible scheduling and education benefits made a real difference in launching her career.

No supermarket visit feels complete without a stop in the bakery section for some fresh-baked treats. Kroger Mountain View offers an assortment of cakes, cookies, pies, and pastries available whole or by the slice. Bring home a decadent cake for that special occasion or surprise your family with warm chocolate chip cookies after dinner. Don’t miss out on the beautiful, custom-designed cakes that can commemorate birthdays or graduations. The skilled decorators hand-craft edible art.

For those avoiding gluten, Kroger Mountain View stocks all the gluten-free baking essentials, from flours and mixes to crackers and breads. You can find gluten-free versions of old favorites like macaroni and cheese and pizza crust along with specialty items. Perusing these selections makes it easy to find gluten-free recipes to try.

Too busy to even make it to the store? Kroger Mountain View now provides home delivery through Instacart. Order online and have your groceries brought right to your doorstep at a time that works for you. Instacart shoppers will hand pick each item and even carry bags into your kitchen. When you’re stretched thin and grocery shopping seems overwhelming, Instacart delivery is a game changer.

No matter how you choose to shop, Kroger Mountain View provides a safe environment adhering to all COVID-19 precautions. Employees undergo daily health screenings and wear masks at all times. Plexiglass barriers provide protection at checkout and customer service desks. Carts and baskets get sanitized between each use. Store traffic gets monitored to prevent overcrowding. You can feel at ease shopping knowing that strict cleanliness protocols are in place. I’m grateful Kroger takes these measures seriously so I can grab my groceries without anxiety.

If any questions or issues arise during your shopping trips, Kroger Mountain View customer service can provide support via phone, online chat or in person. They work hard to promptly resolve any problems. Don’t hesitate to ask for help locating a particular product or clarity on pricing. The friendly service team is happy to assist.

One way Kroger Mountain View shows commitment to our community is by accepting EBT and SNAP payments on eligible purchases. This ensures that nutritious food remains accessible regardless of income level. Kroger also supports local food banks through donations.

The expansive seafood department offers both fresh and frozen fish and shellfish. Find sustainable wild caught salmon, shrimp, tilapia, cod and more. The frozen seafood selection contains value sized bags to help you save. Staff will also gladly steam lobster tails or shrimp if you prefer not to cook seafood at home.

Vegans rejoice over the vegan offerings at Kroger Mountain View. Shop plant-based meat alternatives like Beyond Burgers or Gardein Chicken along with dairy and egg substitutes like nut cheeses and Just Egg made from mung beans. Everything needed for vegan baking like plant butters and vegan chocolate chips line the shelves too.

The in-house floral department overflows with gorgeous bouquets, potted plants and arrangements for all occasions. Surprise your sweetheart with a stunning rose bouquet or brighten someone’s day with a cheerful mixed flower arrangement. When planning events, the talented florists can provide next-level table centerpieces and decor.

Right now, some of the best deals at Kroger Mountain View include Buy One Get One Free Roma tomatoes and avocados – two staples of my kitchen. They also have 25% off Kroger frozen vegetables like peas, green beans and broccoli that I stock up on. Check the weekly digital coupons for additional savings on your favorites.

For convenience when flu season hits, visit the Kroger Mountain View pharmacy for flu shots and other immunizations. The pharmacists will review your medical history to determine which vaccines you should receive. Walk-ins are welcome but making an appointment online ensures you can get in and out quickly.

Wondering if a particular product is in stock before you shop? Use the Kroger website or app to check availability at the Mountain View location. Search for items by name or browse categories. You’ll see at a glance whether the product is out of stock, low stock or available along with current pricing. Then create your grocery list knowing exactly what to expect when you visit.

Kroger Mountain View offers an incredible variety to meet all your grocery needs in one place. You can find fresh, organic, specialty, and everyday ingredients along with prepared meals for a quick bite. Stop by for in-house steaks, seafood, sushi and baked goods or order online for delivery. However you choose to shop, Kroger Mountain View makes stocking your kitchen easy. Experience the diversity of foods waiting for you at your neighborhood Kroger today!

My Favorite Things to Buy at Kroger Mountain View

As a Mountain View local, I shop the Kroger here more times than I can count each month. Over the years, I’ve discovered my tried-and-true favorite products, deals and departments that keep me coming back. Here are some of my must-buys during every Kroger run.

Without a doubt, I always stock up on produce from the expansive farmer’s market-style section. The organic berries taste like edible bursts of sunshine. I mix the juicy sweet cherries into yogurt bowls and blend frozen cherries into smoothies. Don’t even get me started on the avocados – these buttery fruits deserve their own fan club.

Another addiction lies in the artisan olive oils and balsamics created by a mom-and-pop shop a few towns over. The subtle basil and lemon flavors take pasta and salads to the next level. These oils feel “gourmet” but ring up at just $8 a bottle. I always have to restrain myself from grabbing one of each unique variety.

My kids would disown me if I shopped at Kroger without hitting the bakery counter for a box of fresh chocolate chip cookies. The gooey, just-baked cookies still feel warm in your hand when you leave the store (pro tip: go in the late afternoon for this). We snack on the treats the entire drive home.

On the healthier side, Kroger Mountain View carries my favorite brand of kombucha – Health-Ade. Their tropical punch flavor tastes like the nectar of the gods. A bottle a day keeps my gut happy. Luckily, Health-Ade often goes on promotion for Buy One, Get One Free so I stock up.

The prepared foods tempt me every time with convenient heat-and-eat sides and full meals. My weakness lies in the perfectly cooked quinoa salad loaded with veggies in a zesty dressing. It makes an easy packed lunch or quick work night dinner along with a piece of ready-to-bake salmon from the seafood case.

When I’m trying to be good, I beeline straight for the refrigerated section of pre-chopped fruits and veggies. Having the pineapple, mango and bell peppers already prepped makes it so much more likely I’ll actually use them before they spoil. I can quickly toss together a breakfast smoothie or healthy lunch without any knife skills required.

Of course, saving money remains top of mind during grocery runs. My MVP for awesome deals is the apparel and home goods section. I can snag name brand leggings and tops for 50-75% off retail price. Even the memory foam slippers and cozy blankets ring up under $10. This is my secret weapon for affordable self-care.

For families on a budget, the Kroger brand basics like bread, eggs, cheese, cereal and cleaning supplies offer quality while keeping costs low. I often can’t tell a difference between Kroger’s versions of popular items versus the pricier name brands. This allows me to maximize my grocery dollars.

I always make a final pit stop at the in-store Starbucks kiosk to fuel up for the rest of my shopping trip. The caramel macchiatos taste just as delicious as any standalone Starbucks store. Sipping my creamy, sweet coffee makes perusing every aisle that much more enjoyable.

Kroger Mountain View holds a special place in my heart – and my pantry. While the selection changes with the seasons, these favorite departments, products and deals keep me satisfied and loyal year-round. Supporting this neighborhood market that nourishes my family feels good on so many levels. What will become your new must-buy items on your next Kroger run? Get ready to fall in love.

My Go-To Recipes from Kroger Mountain View Ingredients

Cooking meals from scratch means getting creative with simple, high quality ingredients. Luckily, my go-to Kroger Mountain View stocks all my recipe staples to whip up family favorites anytime. Here are some of our most loved dishes fueled by ingredients from our beloved neighborhood grocer.

My kids start doing their “feed me” chant around dinner as soon as they get home from school. Having Kroger rotisserie chicken on hand lets me quickly satisfy their hunger. We use the tender, juicy shredded meat in everything from quesadillas to pasta dishes with veggies. Added bonus – no dishes to wash since it comes pre-cooked and seasoned to perfection!

When garden tomatoes hit peak ripeness, we turn them into homemade marinara sauce simmered with Kroger garlic and olive oil. Served over Kroger whole wheat spaghetti and topped with shredded Kroger mozzarella, it’s a quick, veggie-packed dinner the kids all enjoy. Extra marinara gets frozen for meals later on.

Pie just doesn’t happen in our house without a box of Kroger all-butter pie crust. My gooey apple pie made with juicy apples layered with Kroger cinnamon and sugar guarantees I get asked to bring a treat to every potluck. No one can resist! The crust also shines in my classic quiche packed with veggies from Kroger’s bountiful produce aisles.

Using Kroger walnutsdried cranberriesleafy spinach and Kroger feta crumbles, I make a satisfying warm spinach side salad that pairs perfectly with chicken or salmon. It comes together quickly without needing to heat up the whole kitchen. The tangy vinaigrette coated nuts and fruit make it feel indulgent.

When Kroger chicken breasts go on sale, I stock up and use the meat shredded or cut into chunks in versatile meals. My family loves when I transform chicken into juicy breaded chicken Parmesan baked with marinara and mozzarella or comforting chicken tortilla soup loaded with corn, black beans and spices.

Take one look inside our pantry and you’ll find it stacked with Kroger pasta in every shape and size. Spaghetti, penne, rotini, egg noodles – you name it, we’ve got it. Pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic, broccoli and grated parmesan makes the ultimate fast weeknight dinner.

Saving money makes cooking at home possible for our family. Using Kroger canned beans, tomato sauce, frozen veggies and Kroger brown rice lets me pull together hearty burrito bowls on a budget. Kroger Greek yogurt, cheese shreds and avocado add protein to take these meals to the next level.

Kroger bake-at-home rolls warm from the oven take any soup or stew over the top. I could devour the whole pan of soft, buttery rolls dipped in my slow cooker 15 bean and Kroger ham soup. Freezing the extras means fresh rolls whenever I need them.

Life with kids keeps me busy, but knowing I can easily make their favorite foods using quality ingredients from Kroger Mountain View gives me peace of mind. I’ll be relying on staples from my neighborhood grocer to fuel many family dinners, potlucks and bake sales for years to come!

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