Exploring the New Kroger Store in Columbus’ Exciting Brewery District

My First Impressions of the Shiny New Grocery Store in My Neighborhood

As a resident of Columbus’ trendy Brewery District, I was thrilled when I heard that a new Kroger store was opening up just down the street from my apartment. The old supermarket in our area was pretty run-down, with limited options for fresh, local foods. But this new Kroger store looked bright, spacious and stocked with all kinds of specialty items. I couldn’t wait to check it out!

On the morning of the grand opening, I walked over to explore the new Kroger Brewery District store. Even from the outside, I could tell this place was going to be different. Large glass windows displayed gleaming produce and flowers, tempting me inside. The sleek exterior had a modern, industrial look that fit right in with the vibe of our neighborhood.

Stepping through the automatic doors, I marveled at how large and airy the store felt. Wide aisles were neatly stocked with a bounty of foods and household items. Towards the back, a pharmacy, bank, Starbuck’s cafe and other services created a one-stop hub.

The first thing that caught my eye was the beer and wine section. An entire aisle was devoted to local and craft beers from Columbus and throughout Ohio. My mouth watered just reading the names – Seventh Son, Land Grant, Wolf’s Ridge – all my favorite breweries were represented. It seemed like the perfect place to pick up some tasty brews to enjoy after work or on the weekend.

Next, I explored the produce section, which spilled over with colorful fruits and veggies. I was delighted to see they had a nice selection of organic and locally-grown options. There were even little signs noting which farms the items came from, giving a personal touch. The expanded natural foods area likewise contained tons of specialty goods for dietary needs like vegan, gluten-free and allergen-friendly.

Throughout the store, helpful employees were stocking shelves and eager to answer questions. The friendly checker who rang up my first basket of impulse buys told me about the store’s special events and cooking classes. There was a big calendar near the entrance listing upcoming activities – beer tastings, food demos and more – to connect with the community.

By the time I pushed my cart out the automatic doors, I knew Kroger Brewery District would be my go-to grocery store. I love that it celebrates local flavors and provides top-notch customer service. The modern atmosphere and wide range of departments – like the on-site pharmacy, floral section and gas station – mean I can get everything done in one convenient stop.

Over the next few weeks, I kept discovering more perks and deals during my frequent shopping trips. The Kroger app makes it easy to clip digital coupons, place grocery pick-up orders and check weekly ads. Their loyalty program offers deep discounts on favorites like La Croix sparkling water – my grocery addiction!

Beyond the shopping, though, it’s clear Kroger Brewery District wants to be a neighborhood hub. From chatting with the friendly cashiers and bagger to noticing event flyers by the registers, I get the sense that this store really cares about becoming part of the community. Just last week, there was a booth outside collecting food donations for the local pantry. Little things like that make me proud to shop there.

I can’t wait to continue exploring everything this amazing new Kroger has to offer! Keep reading for more details on what makes the Kroger Brewery District store such a special place to grocery shop and gather with neighbors.

Diving Into the Details – Everything You Need to Know About Shopping at Kroger Brewery District

Now that I’ve shared my first impressions, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details about the fabulous new Kroger Brewery District location! Whether you live nearby or are just visiting the trendy Brewery District, this store has so much to offer. Here’s what you need to know:

Store Location and Hours

The Kroger Brewery District supermarket is conveniently located at:

555 W Spring St
Columbus, OH 43215

It’s right in the heart of downtown Columbus’ Brewery District on the corner of W Spring St and N High St. There’s a large parking lot wrapping around the building so it’s easy to pop in and out.

The store is open 6 AM to 12 AM daily – so they’ve got you covered early mornings to late nights! Good to know if you’re an early riser needing coffee or a night owl craving ice cream.

Beer, Wine and Local Food Selection

One of the biggest draws of Kroger Brewery District is the amazing variety of craft beers and wines – especially local options!

The lengthy beer aisle is a treasure trove for hop heads. All your favorite Columbus breweries are represented – Land Grant, Seventh Son, Hoof Hearted, Wolf’s Ridge, Antiques on High, Lineage, and so many others. It’s convenient to grab a 6-pack or mixer pack to enjoy fresh drafts from our city’s fantastic breweries.

Beyond the Ohio beers, they also stock popular national brands like Founders, Bell’s, Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head. Plus there’s a huge selection of imports from Belgium, Germany and beyond.

Over in the wine section, you’ll find racks filled with bottles produced right here in Ohio. Wineries around Lake Erie and the Ohio River Valley are highlighted so you can taste the local terroir.

For those with more sophisticated palates, the wine steward can recommend the perfect pairing. There’s even a climate-controlled wine cellar room to browse high-end bottles from around the world. Heading to a dinner party or need a gift? Stop here first!

In addition to beverages, Kroger Brewery District shines with their Ohio-proud grocery selection. From dairy to eggs to produce, they source from farms across the state whenever possible. This commitment to local foods helps the community thrive.

Look for signs like “Ohio Grown” or the name of family farms to fill your cart with the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Supporting local just tastes better!

Specialty Items for Special Diets

No matter your dietary needs or food allergies, Kroger Brewery District has you covered. Their inclusive philosophy means you’ll find plenty of specialty items.

In the produce section, organic fruits and veggies abound for those avoiding pesticides and GMOs. Seeking out vegetarian recipes? Grab some extra firm tofu or try Beyond or Impossible plant-based meats. For vegans, there’s dairy-free cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

The natural foods aisles are packed with options for different diets:

  • Gluten-free folks will love the huge array of pasta, crackers, bread, cereal and more made without wheat.
  • For nut allergies, look for sunflower seed or soy butter.
  • Dairy-free milk alternatives like almond, coconut, oat and soy milk come in every flavor.
  • Try chickpea or lentil pasta for extra protein.
  • Look for vegan and kosher symbols on packaged goods.

The knowledgeable staff can point you towards specialty products and read labels to double check ingredients. Shopping with food allergies made much easier!

In-Store Services and Amenities

One amazing aspect of Kroger Brewery District is how much is contained within one spot! It’s a true one-stop shop.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A Little Clinic for walk-in healthcare like flu shots or physicals
  • Wells Fargo bank branch for quick ATM access
  • Bloom Optical eye exams and glasses
  • Starbucks cafe with indoor and patio seating
  • Floral department with custom arrangements
  • Pet section with food to toys to treats
  • Sushi and hot food bars for quick bites
  • Cheese shop with artisan selections
  • Butcher and seafood counters with fresh cuts

Outside in the parking lot is a Kroger fuel station for gassing up after shopping. Talk about convenient!

Between groceries, flowers, coffee, wine and more, everything is in one place at Kroger Brewery District. All the essentials, all right here!

Online Ordering and Pickup

For days when I just can’t even deal with going inside the store, Kroger Brewery District makes grocery shopping easy with online ordering and curbside pickup.

Their clicklist website and mobile app allow me to shop from the comfort of home. I can take my time filling a virtual cart and even use digital coupons. Then I simply select a pickup window as soon as one hour later.

Driving up is a breeze – just park in a designated spot and call the number. A friendly employee will bring out my bags, load up my car and send me on my way. It’s so quick and convenient, especially on busy days.

The Clicklist service has been a real game changer. No more impulse buys or long checkout lines. I save money using coupons and avoid those sneaky in-store displays. Plus I cut down on time spent meandering the aisles.

Next time you don’t feel like walking the store, turn to Kroger’s online ordering for a frictionless grocery experience.

Upcoming Sales, Promotions and Events

Shopping at Kroger Brewery District is even more fun when you can take advantage of special sales and community events. Make sure to follow along on social media or look for in-store flyers to stay in-the-know.

The weekly ad is always filled with great coupon deals across every department. I try to plan my meal prep around what’s on sale – like buying family packs of chicken breasts or ground beef for 30% off.

For major holidays, keep an eye out for special bonuses. Around Christmas, I scored a free ham by spending $100 on groceries. They also run big promotions for tailgating season in the fall with beer and snack discounts.

In addition to sales, Kroger Brewery District hosts free community events open to all. Some upcoming ones I’ve got on my calendar:

  • Saturday morning yoga in the parking lot
  • Wednesday “Wine Down” tastings with the in-store sommelier
  • Food truck festivals with samples and live music
  • Sustainability classes like composting workshops
  • Summer BBQ series with grilling demos
  • Craft beer and cheese pairings

Getting involved in these events is such a fun way to connect with neighbors and discover something new. I always leave educated as well as entertained!

Employment Opportunities

When I first started shopping at Kroger Brewery District, I noticed how passionate and enthusiastic the employees seemed. Chatting with the staff, I was inspired to apply for a part-time job there myself!

Working at Kroger Brewery District allows me to earn extra income in a lively, supportive environment. My coworkers and managers are wonderful – they make coming to work a pleasure.

There are openings across every department – cashiers, stockers, pharmacy techs, Clicklist shoppers, butchers, bakers and more. Many positions are perfect for college students or those with flexible availability.

Kroger provides thorough on-the-job training to build skills for any role – previous experience is not required. The culture encourages promoting from within and moving up the ladder.

It’s rewarding helping customers find what they need while doing a job I genuinely enjoy. Plus scoring employee discounts on groceries is pretty sweet! Between the flexible scheduling and friendly atmosphere, working here has been a great experience.

If you’re interested in joining the Kroger Brewery District crew, either stop by the customer service desk for an application or apply online. I’d highly recommend it!

Supporting Our Community

It’s clear from my many visits that Kroger Brewery District strives to be a community-minded neighborhood market. They are always finding ways to support local causes and bring our area together.

For example, the store proudly hosts fundraisers for the nearby children’s hospital and high school sports teams. During big events downtown, they distribute free water bottles to keep everyone hydrated.

The holiday food drive was a massive success, with Kroger matching all donations. And the “round up” program at the register helps feed hungry families across the city.

By hiring local contractors during construction and seeking out Ohio-based suppliers, Kroger invests back into the local economy. And the excellent wages and benefits offered to employees also strengthens our community.

Beyond these organized efforts, I appreciate how store management engages customers like me for feedback. Recently they invited residents to share ideas for new classes and products. Making everyone feel heard goes a long way.

Supporting the new Kroger Brewery District store supports our community. It feels good knowing my grocery dollars stay local. I’m proud to shop at a market that cares.

Navigating the Store and Getting the Most out of Your Shopping Trip

Now that you know all about the offerings at Kroger Brewery District, let’s walk through navigating the store layout and how to optimize your shopping experience.

Store Sections and Floor Plan

The inside of Kroger Brewery District is bright, open and airy. Here are some of the main sections you’ll encounter on your grocery run:

  • Produce – The fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and organics are right up front. Pick your own or grab pre-cut/prepped produce.
  • Butcher & Seafood– Find premium beef, poultry, pork. Seafood delivered fresh daily. Ask for custom cuts.
  • Deli– Choose from the olive bar, fresh cheeses, salads, and deli meats sliced to order. The fried chicken is a local favorite!
  • Bakery – Nothing beats the smells of fresh baked bread. Get donuts, muffins, cakes, cookies and more.
  • Frozen Foods – Stock up on ice cream and frozen meals/snacks. All the classics are here.
  • Dairy – Milks, yogurts, eggs and butter line the expansive dairy coolers. Lots of plant-based options too.
  • Packaged & Dry Goods– Pasta, sauces, canned goods, snacks and candy fill the shelves. International foods too.
  • Beer & Wine – Spend time perusing the many craft beers, wines and specialty liquors. Ask for recs.
  • Natural Foods – Find alternative flours, supplements and health foods. Look for dietary tags like gluten-free.
  • Household & Pet– Paper goods, cleaning supplies, accessories and pet toys/treats in one spot.

Navigating the Store

Here are my tips for efficient navigating around the store:

  • Grab a cart or basket right at the entrance. Bring your reusable bags!
  • Start with produce and fresh foods so they stay cold, then work your way to aisles.
  • Check end cap displays for sales. But beware impulse buys if you’re trying to save!
  • List aisles by number and go up and down methodically to cover all your needs.
  • Look high and low on shelves – popular items are at eye level.
  • Ask for help finding items. Employees have devices to look up exact locations.
  • Don’t forget to peek in the freezer and refrigerated sections.
  • Allow extra time when shopping sales days and peak hours.

Getting the Best Deals

My favorite thing about Kroger Brewery District is getting quality foods at affordable prices. Here are my insider tips for savings:

  • Sign up for the loyalty card and check the weekly digital coupons loaded to your account. I save so much using mine!
  • Pick up the monthly coupon mailer at the entrance for extra deals not on the app.
  • Check sale prices listed on shelf tags – yellow means deal! Load up on those bargains.
  • Look for the Mobile 5 app coupons that can be scanned from your phone for instant savings.
  • Buy store brands to pay less. Kroger’s private selection items are high quality.
  • Shop meat that’s marked Manager’s Special – meats nearing their sell-by date are marked down.
  • Hit the clearance section and freeze any about-to-expire items to buy yourself more time.
  • Buy larger packs or family sizes and portion out at home for lowest unit prices
  • Join their rewards program to earn fuel points with every purchase. Save on gas!

A little planning and clever shopping goes a long way at Kroger Brewery District. Follow my tips and watch your grocery bill shrink.

Final Thoughts on My Go-To Grocery Destination

Kroger Brewery District has quickly become my favorite place to grocery shop since it opened here in the Brewery District. The excellent variety of natural, organic and specialty ingredients perfectly fits my lifestyle.

I love exploring the aisles to discover unique local and international foods. And knowing I’m supporting Ohio’s economy by buying from regional brands feels good.

The beautiful store layout and amenities like the on-site pharmacy and Starbucks make every trip convenient and pleasant. The employees feel like old friends, eager to help me pick the perfect pork roast or cheese pairing.

On busy weeks, I appreciate the ease of using Clicklist online ordering and just pulling up for curbside pickup. Grocery shopping can actually be relaxing!

More than just a supermarket, Kroger Brewery District enriches the neighborhood. Their eagerness to host events and donate to local causes shows a dedication to our community. And the excellent perks and training for employees inspires me.

The next time you need quality ingredients for family meals or fun beverages for a weekend cookout, I highly recommend swinging by the fabulous new Kroger store in Columbus’ Brewery District. It has become my happy place and I think it will be yours too!

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