Landing an Amazing Internship at Kroger

Getting Your Foot in the Door of this Fortune 500 Company

Internships are such an invaluable way to gain relevant experience, build your resume, explore potential career paths, and make professional connections – especially internships at well-known companies like Kroger. As one of the largest supermarket chains and Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Kroger offers a wide variety of internship opportunities across many departments and locations.

I remember how daunting it was trying to find and apply for internships as a college student. Navigating application deadlines, deciding what type of internship I wanted, making sure I was even qualified…it was a lot! But an internship at a company like Kroger would be an incredible way to learn practical skills and get my foot in the door of a great organization.

So I’ve done some digging and reached out to some former Kroger interns to create this helpful guide for anyone looking into Kroger’s internship programs. In this blog post, I’ll share details on the types of internships Kroger offers, key application tips, what to expect during the experience, benefits of interning at Kroger, and advice to make the most of it!

The Variety of Opportunities at Kroger

First off, Kroger offers paid internships covering a wide range of majors and focus areas like:

  • Technology
  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Merchandising
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Pharmacy
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate Retail
  • Information Systems

So no matter what you’re studying or skills you want to build, there are relevant opportunities at Kroger for undergraduate students, graduate students, and MBAs.

The duration of Kroger internships varies depending on the department, but can range from 8 weeks to 6 months. The application window opens in October and runs through February, with start dates beginning in May or June.

Kroger also welcomes international students as long as you’re authorized to work in the United States.

Insider Tips to Apply and Get Hired

With so many students vying for coveted spots at Kroger each year, the application process is competitive. But there are a few key tips to stand out:

  • Highlight relevant coursework or skills: If you’ve taken classes that align with the internship focus area, flaunt it! Kroger wants to see you have at least some baseline knowledge or experience to hit the ground running.
  • Show interest in Kroger: Do your research on the company so you can speak to why you specifically want to intern at Kroger during interviews. Be familiar with their brand, values, mission, and goals.
  • Apply early: Don’t wait until the last minute! Give yourself the best chance by applying as early as possible once applications open.
  • Get referrals: See if you know anyone – friends, professors, family members – with Kroger connections who could provide you with a recommendation. Referrals can help grab recruiters’ attention.
  • Ace the interviews: Kroger’s process often includes both phone and in-person interviews. Come prepared to talk about your skills and background. Research common intern interview questions and practice responses.
  • Exhibit professionalism: Throughout the process, communicate promptly and politely with recruiters. Double check for typos in your application. Arrive early to interviews and dress professionally. These details matter!

What’s It Like to Intern at Kroger?

Okay, so you’ve applied and landed the internship – congrats! Now it’s time for the actual experience. Here’s what past interns have shared about their time at Kroger:

  • You’ll receive extensive training and support to ramp up on processes and expectations. No prior grocery experience needed!
  • There are lots of networking opportunities with Kroger leaders and fellow interns. You may even make lifelong friends.
  • You’ll get to work on impactful projects and own your work rather than just handle administrative tasks.
  • Kroger promotes a collaborative culture. Be ready to work on cross-functional teams!
  • Perks include stipends, discounts, attendance at conferences, and sometimes even free housing.
  • Kroger values professional development and offers workshops on skills like leadership and communication.
  • You’ll gain valuable experience with a Fortune 500 company – which looks incredible on a resume!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Kroger

Something that potential interns will be happy to hear is Kroger’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). Kroger actively seeks to recruit interns from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, identities, and experiences.

The company has several Employee Resource Groups that connect underrepresented groups and allies, including the PRIDE Network for LGBTQ+ employees. Kroger also partners with organizations like Reaching Out MBA that work to increase DE&I in management roles.

It’s clear that Kroger not only wants to have a diverse intern cohort, but also wants everyone to feel welcomed, supported, and able to perform at their best.

Full-Time Job Potential

A major benefit of the Kroger internship program is the possibility to receive a return offer for a full-time job after graduation. While not guaranteed, many ambitious interns have leveraged their hard work into landing permanent roles with Kroger.

Some tips from former interns on increasing chances for a return offer:

  • Act professionally and avoid unexcused absences or tardiness.
  • Take initiative and look for ways to add value rather than just rely on assigned tasks.
  • Network! Get to know leaders you work with and ask them about their career journey.
  • Learn about open reqs and areas with need for talent. Express interest in those teams.
  • Schedule time for your manager to provide you with feedback on strengths and growth areas. Implement their advice.
  • Research if you need to formally apply for a full-time role and complete any required steps.

Making the Most of the Experience

An internship at Kroger is an amazing opportunity – make sure to really capitalize on it by:

  • Being proactive and seeking out projects rather than waiting for assignments. Jump right in!
  • Asking thoughtful questions to maximize learning. There are no dumb questions.
  • Finding a mentor who can offer guidance and become a professional advocate.
  • Building your network by meeting with leaders and cross-functional partners.
  • Gaining visibility for your work by presenting project updates or results.
  • Participating in informal social events with fellow interns and employees.
  • Identifying areas you’re interested in and asking about shadowing or assisting those teams.
  • Leveraging speakers, training workshops and other offerings to continue developing skills.
  • Reflecting on accomplishments and areas for growth to refine your skills and interests.
  • Collecting feedback and letters of recommendation that can help with full-time applications.
  • Maintaining professionalism at all times – this is still an audition for a career!

Start Your Career Journey at Kroger

An internship at a Fortune 500 leader like Kroger can be a major accelerant for your career. And given Kroger’s footprint across grocery, retail, pharmacy, supply chain, technology and other vital industries, it’s an amazing way to gain highly relevant experience.

I hope this inside look at Kroger’s internship program provides helpful tips and advice as you look for opportunities. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and apply – the potential rewards and growth are immense. And who knows, it may even lead to a full-time job offer! But regardless of where you end up long-term, the skills and connections gained will stay with you.

So polish up that resume and get ready to stand out. The application window will be opening up soon. Here’s to an incredible experience interning at Kroger!

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