My Adventures in Finding the Best Alkaline Water at Kroger

Quenching My Thirst for pH Balanced Hydration

Hey everyone! I’m back with another blog post about my latest health kick – alkaline water. I’ve been hearing so many good things lately about the benefits of drinking water with a higher pH level. Supposedly, it helps neutralize acidity in your body, boosts metabolism, improves bone health, and hydrates more efficiently. I decided I had to get in on this alkaline water trend!

The only problem was, where could I find a good selection of alkaline waters at an affordable price? I didn’t want to spend a fortune on the fancy ionized brands you see at health food stores. That’s when I remembered my local Kroger carries a ton of options in their massive beverage section. I headed over to scour the aisles for the best tasting and most reasonably priced alkaline waters.

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed with the variety at my local Kroger! They had a whole section dedicated to alkaline water with options from several popular brands. I’ll walk you through everything I discovered in my alkaline water adventure at Kroger – the different brands, prices, flavors, and more. Get your shopping list ready, because I’m going to share all my tips for finding the perfect alkaline water to liven up your day!

Scoping Out the Alkaline Water Selection

The great thing about Kroger is they dedicate a good portion of aisle space just for alkaline and electrolyte-enhanced waters. No tiny little section here – we’re talking an entire 8 foot section loaded with options! I went to the water aisle and started checking out the different brands one by one.

The Kroger brand Simple Truth Alkaline Water jumped out at me first. They had a handful of varieties including original, lemon ginger, strawberry dragonfruit, and peach mango. I saw they also carried the popular brand Essentia, known for its 9.5+ pH level. Other brands I spotted were CORE Hydration, HintSmart Water Alkaline, and Icelandic Glacial.

I was thrilled to see such a huge assortment of bottles, flavors, and pH levels. It seemed like they carried every major alkaline water brand. The prices ranged from $1.19 on sale for Kroger’s Simple Truth Waters up to $2.79 or more for the premium imported brands like Icelandic Glacial. Reasonable, considering many smaller alkaline water companies charge $3 or more per bottle!

One thing that made comparison shopping easy was that each brand’s pH level was clearly marked on the front of the bottle. This made it effortless to find the highest pH waters for those seeking an intense alkaline kick. Most ranged from 7.8 to over 9.0.

Taste Testing Two Favorite Flavors

After peering around the stacks and stacks of translucent blue bottles, I selected a few to drop into my cart for taste testing. I grabbed the Kroger Simple Truth Alkaline Water in Strawberry Dragonfruit and Peach Mango flavors to sample their house brand.

At $1.19 each on sale, this seemed like a great price to get my alkaline fix! I also picked up a bottle of the brightly packaged Hint Alkaline88 in Watermelon for its burst of fruit flavor and prominent 88 in the brand name signifying its 8.8 pH level. These waters all had an alkaline pH between 8 and 9 – perfect for a fizzy, smooth mouthfeel.

Once I arrived home, I couldn’t wait to crack open these bottles and take a sip! First I tried the Strawberry Dragonfruit Simple Truth water. One sip and I was greeted with a pleasant hint of sweet strawberry. The alkaline taste was milder than some other waters, making it easy to gulp down the entire bottle!

Next I sampled the Peach Mango option. This one had a bit more carbonation for a fizzy feel. The peach mango aroma was apparent but subtle. Again, the alkaline mineral taste was present but gentle, allowing the fruit flavors to take center stage. For everyday drinking, Kroger’s alkaline line tastes light and refreshing.

Moving onto the bolder Hint Watermelon, the mineral profile hit my tongue right away with that distinctive alkaline tingle. Hints of juicy watermelon came through as I drank. It was much fruitier than Kroger’s line. I could see myself sipping on this when craving something more flavorful.

Overall for the price, Kroger’s Simple Truth waters deliver on taste and quench your thirst for the alkaline trend. But the Hint Alkaline88 packs more fruit punch if you don’t mind paying a bit extra.

Getting My Vitamin H20 with Kroger’s Alkaline88 Dupe

On my next trip to Kroger’s alkaline wonderland, I noticed a new addition – their Hydro88 Alkaline Water. Hmm, sounded familiar. Oh that’s right, it’s Kroger’s dupe of the popular Alkaline88 brand!

For those unfamiliar with Alkaline88, this is one of the most popular bottled alkaline water companies known for their 8.8 pH level and addition of trace Himalayan minerals. I was curious how Kroger’s knock-off would compare.

At $1.49 per liter bottle, the Hydro88 was priced substantially lower than Alkaline88 which retails for around $2.99 or more per liter. I enthusiastically grabbed two Hydro88s in the Crisp Apple and Tropical Coconut flavors. This had me even more excited to get home and test out their take on high alkaline, electrolyte-rich water!

Taking my first sip of the Crisp Apple, I noticed right away it packed more of an alkaline punch than Kroger’s lower pH Simple Truth line. The minerals imparted a smooth mouthfeel almost like drinking softened water. Apple flavoring tasted natural, not too syrupy sweet.

Next I tried the Tropical Coconut which boasts “electrolytes for taste” on the cap. The coconut aroma greeted me as I cracked it open. And wow did those electrolytes make a difference – the mineral taste was strong and almost salty, reminding me of sipping actual coconut water. Fantastic after a tough workout or long day out in the sun!

For those looking for kombucha or coconut water replacements with proven pH levels, definitely check out Kroger’s Hydro88 dupe! You still get that Alkaline88 mineral kick at a fraction of the price.

Buying in Bulk: Smart Water Alkaline Vs Kroger Spring Water

On my last trip to Kroger’s alkaline oasis, I noticed you could buy larger multi-gallon cases of some brands. My family goes through bottled water quickly, so I took a look at their bulk case options.

Two that caught my eye were:

  • Smart Water Alkaline – $5.99 for 6 liter bottles
  • Kroger Spring Water – $2.49 for 9 liter bottles

I compared the two bulky boxes side by side. Smart Water advertised their electrolyte-enhanced, 9.0 pH alkaline water. Kroger’s budget Spring Water made no claims about pH or minerals.

Was it worth paying over twice as much for Smart Water’s alkaline boost? Or would I be just fine saving money on Kroger’s generic jugs?

After some mental math, I realized even with the alkaline benefits, Smart Water cost a whopping 67 cents per liter in bulk. Meanwhile Kroger Spring Water was just 28 cents per liter.

At that big of a price difference, I decided to take my chances on Kroger’s budget offering. While it may not be alkaline, I figured plain spring water was a healthier choice than sugary sodas or juices we sometimes buy. Plus I could always add a squeeze of lemon or lime for some alkalinity!

In the end, sticking with the Kroger brand allowed me to stock up on significantly more water at a much better value. If trying alkaline water, buy a sampler pack of smaller bottles first. But when replenishing your at-home supply, save money with Kroger’s bulk options.

Comparing Liter Sizes to Find the Best Value

During my alkaline water hauls, I realized bottles came in pretty much every liter size imaginable – 16.9 oz, 23.7 oz, 1 liter, 1.5 liter, and 2 liters. With such drastic size variations, how do you determine which offers the most bang for your buck?

I decided to do some math and compare a few top sizes:

16.9 oz Simple Truth Alkaline – $1.19 per bottle

  • Cost per ounce = 7 cents

1 liter Smart Water Alkaline – $1.99 per bottle

  • Cost per ounce = 6 cents

1.5 liter Essentia – $2.49 per bottle

  • Cost per ounce = 5 cents

What do you know, the larger the bottle, the lower the cost per ounce! Now keep in mind larger bottles also mean having to lug around more weight and dealing with larger recycling, but the savings can add up.

The 2 liter Kroger Spring Waters for just 28 cents per liter offer the best value by far. But among alkaline options, choosing 1.5 liter Essentia over 16.9 oz Simple Truth saves about 2 cents per ounce. Not huge, but every little bit counts!

So next time you’re stocking up on alkaline water, consider going big. Your wallet will thank you!

Online Ordering: My Experience with Kroger Pickup

For my next alkaline water restock, I decided to try Kroger’s Clicklist online grocery ordering for the first time. I headed to their website, loaded up a cart with $50 worth of alkaline waters, and selected a pickup time.

The great thing about Clicklist is there are no extra fees for the service – you just pay your normal grocery bill! I chose the earliest pickup slot, about 4 hours after ordering.

Around lunch time, I drove up at my scheduled pickup time and opened my Kroger app. After checking in, an employee promptly came out and loaded the six overflowing bags into my trunk. So easy!

I was pleasantly surprised to find they had actually substituted my items with even more premium alkaline waters at no extra charge. For example, instead of the Essentia 1.5 liters I ordered, they gave me the massive 2 liter bottles!

Also my SmartWater Alkaline 12-packs got swapped with the sleek glass bottled 12-packs. And instead of Hint Watermelon, they included tropical flavors from the Zephyrhills Essence line. Free upgrades – don’t mind if I do!

Overall, the Kroger Clicklist experience was fabulous. I saved tons of time not wandering the aisles, paid no pickup fees, and got bonus substitutions of higher-end items. Definitely my new go-to way to buy alkaline water! Give it a try next time you stock up.

Easy Access with In-Store Displays

Recently my local Kroger moved the alkaline water selection to a beautiful new display right at the front of the store. Now it’s one of the first things I see walking in! No more hunting around the maze of aisles trying to remember where I last spotted the alkaline section.

The glossy blue shelving unit houses all their Sparkling, Essence, Hydro, and Alkaline water varieties in one easy-to-browse spot. They arranged the nearly identical cylindrical bottles by brand, making it simple to compare labels.

Now when I need to grab alkaline water in a hurry, it’s the very first display I hit after entering Kroger. I don’t even have to wander into the inner aisles!

Plus, the artistic signage promoting hydration and balance catches shoppers’ eyes with trendy phrases like “Perfect pH” and “Get Your H2O Flowing”. It really pulls you in to explore the offerings.

So if you find yourself spending too much time searching for alkaline water in the winding water aisle, check the entryway! This user-friendly display makes snagging some pH balanced H20 as easy as can be.

Secret Savings: Utilizing Digital Coupons

Whenever possible, I like to save a few bucks and maximize deals while stocking up on my alkaline habit. Kroger makes that easy by always offering digital coupons through their free app.

Here are a few ways I save money on alkaline waters using Kroger’s digital coupons:

  • “$1 off any TWO simple truth waters”: This offer pops up regularly, and includes all their alkaline and electrolyte waters. Great way to save on the budget Simple Truth line.
  • “$5 off your next 3 alkaline water purchases”: About once a month this coupon becomes available to snag premium brands like Essentia and Core for less.
  • “$2 off alkaline water 8-packs”: Perfect for when buying multi-packs of smaller bottles. Works on brands like Smart Water.
  • “$1 OFF per bottle of alkaline water, max 4”: For when you need a bulk supply, save on 4 large jugs. Applies to Alkaline88, Hydro88 and more!

By taking just a minute to load digital coupons onto my shopper’s card, I can easily save $10 or more on alkaline water every month. Be sure to check the app before every weekly grocery run for new coupon opportunities. Happy savings!

Tapping into the Top Tier with Iceland Spring

When I want to treat myself to the absolute highest tier of alkaline water, I spring (pun intended) for Icelandic Glacial bottles at Kroger. This ultra-premium imported brand claims to be the world’s first certified carbon neutral natural spring alkaline water, sourced from the legendary Olfusa Spring in Iceland.

Could water from a spring fed by thousand year-old glaciers really be that much better? I was curious to find out.

One sip, and yep…this water was in a league of its own! The crisp, clean taste feels like you’re drinking directly from a rushing waterfall. It has a distinct smoothness that slides down your throat like liquid velvet.

While it comes with ultra-premium pricing to match its luxe image ($2.79 for a liter), the unmatched purity is noticeable. For special occasions or anytime I feel like indulging in the healthiest water on earth, Icelandic Glacial is my top choice.

The bottled water aficionados at Kroger clearly recognize this too, dedicating an entire shelf section solely to this cold Iceland-imported selection. It was cool reading about the sustainability efforts and unique filtration process that makes this water so exceptional.

So next time you really want to pamper yourself with the elite of alkaline waters, skip past the mainstream brands and reach for Icelandic Glacial. One taste and you’ll see why it earns its place at the top!

Decoding the Alkaline Water Aisle

When first venturing into the world of alkaline water, the sheer variety of brands and labels can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, I’m here to help decode the alkaline water aisle for easy shopping! Here are some tips:

  • Watch the pH level: This measures acidity vs alkalinity. Look for pH around 8-10 for alkaline water. The higher the number, the more alkaline it is.
  • Check for minerals: Magnesium, potassium, and calcium contribute to the light mineral flavor in alkaline water. Electrolytes provide hydration.
  • Consider the source: Mountain spring water, artesian wells, and glacier water impart different mineral compositions.
  • Look for certifications: Some brands advertise third party testing and certifications to verify pH claims. Provides peace of mind.
  • Evaluate price differences: More expensive doesn’t always mean better – compare oz prices. House brands can be just as good!
  • Taste test: Don’t be afraid to sample different flavors and brands to find your personal preference.
  • Understand the lingo: “Alkaline”, “ionized”, “electrolytes”, “minerals”, “pH balanced” – it’s all referring to the same basic benefits.

Once you know what to look for, finding your perfect alkaline water gets much simpler. Before you know it, you’ll be a hydration expert cruising the aisles with confidence!

Clearing Up Alkaline Water Confusion

Over the past few alkaline water adventures, a few questions kept popping into my head:

Why does alkaline water sometimes have a milky appearance?

No need to worry – that hazy color is caused by a high concentration of dissolved alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium. It’s actually a sign of authenticity! The cloudiness fades quickly once you pour the water.

What’s the deal with fluoride?

Most labels specify “No Fluoride Added” – fluoride can reduce alkalinity. Some natural sources may contain traces, but not in significant amounts.

Do I need to drink only alkaline water?

Experts recommend balancing your pH with a mix of alkaline water and regular purified water. Alkaline water is helpful, but wasn’t intended as the sole solution!

Does alkaline water deliver extra health benefits?

The jury is still out according to research, but potential upsides include antioxidant properties, bone support, and improved hydration.

Hopefully this clears up some of the key questions surrounding this trendy beverage. As with most health fads, alkaline water isn’t a miracle cure-all – but it can be a tasty way to add a little extra pH balance to your routine!

Steeping Some Serene Tea with Essentia

I’ll admit, I’m not always in the mood for plain water. Even alkaline water sometimes feels…well, boring. Recently I discovered an ingenious hack for infusing my bottles with lush fruity flavors AND funky fizzy bubbles!

Here’s the trick: I’ve been dropping Tazo Wild Sweet Orange herbal tea bags into my 1-liter bottles of Essentia alkaline water. After steeping the tea for 5 or so minutes, I pop in the fridge – and the magic happens!

The Essentia’s 9.5 pH level naturally brings out the citrusy orange notes as the tea steeps. But then once chilled, the alkaline water activates the carbonation, causing a bubbly fermented effect when I open the cap! The result is a homebrewed sparkling orange essence alkaline tea.

I’m able to control the intensity of the orange flavor based on steep time. 5 mins makes it delicately mellow and refreshing. 10+ minutes creates a tangy, fizzy explosion!

This trick works with all kinds of fruity herbal teas – raspberry, peach, mango, you name it. Perfect for when I want something flavorful but keeping it hydrating with my alkaline water base. Give it a try next time you want your H20 with a kick!

Tracking Down the Trendy Himalayan Pink Salt Water

The alkaline water craze continues to spread. Lately I’ve noticed exotic new options popping up on Kroger’s shelves – including the intriguing Himalayan Pink Salt Water. This bottle caught my eye with its millennial pink hue and boho branding.

Of course I had to buy it and figure out what’s up with this pink drink! Here’s the lowdown…

It turns out the pale pink color comes from actual Himalayan pink salt dissolved in the water. Pink salt is trending for its rich mineral content and supposed health properties. Adding it to water aims to create an electrolyte beverage.

I excitedly twisted open the lid and took a first sip. WHOA, salty! The mineral taste was strong and almost overwhelming. Very different from the milder alkaline waters I’m used to. But pretty soon, I started appreciating the rich salty-smooth mouthfeel.

The literature claims trace minerals from the pink salt can promote pH balance, hydration, bone strength, and more. While the benefits may be exaggerated, I can confirm it makes for an intriguing flavored drink!

I can see myself sipping this salt water slowly through a straw on hot yoga days or post-workout. Not something to guzzle by the gallon, but a worthy addition to the expanding alkaline water niche. Keep an eye out for this trendy new entrant!

Hunting for the Perfect pH

Now that I’ve tried just about every alkaline water brand and variety available at Kroger, do I have a favorite? The short answer: I’m still on the hunt for the perfect alkaline water fit for me. But here are the criteria I’m looking for in my ideal pH balanced water:

  • pH between 8 and 9 – the sweet spot for an alkaline kick without being overly minerally.
  • Naturally sourced from springs or artesian wells for fresh, crisp taste.
  • Reasonably priced – under $2 per liter is ideal for everyday drinking.
  • Vegetable essences or fruit extracts for flavor – not sugary syrups.
  • Recyclable and sustainable packaging – recycle-friendly materials and plastic-free if possible.
  • Third party certified pH levels for trust and transparency.

The search continues for my personal holy grail of alkaline hydration. But for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey of trying out all the options on the shelves at Kroger! Got an alkaline water recommendation for me? Let me know in the comments below!

Water You Waiting For? Dive Into Alkaline Hydration

And there you have it – everything you could possibly need to know about getting your alkaline fix at Kroger! Who knew there were so many distinct nuances between bubbly waters?

I had a blast nerding out, taste testing, and spilling all my alkaline tea on the wide range of brands available. Whether you’re looking for budget multi-packs or luxe imports, flavor varieties galore, or new innovations like Himalayan pink salt water – Kroger has got you covered.

Hopefully all the guidance throughout this post helps remove the guesswork from navigating Kroger’s massive alkaline water selection. Now you can shop smartly, save money with insider tips, and find the perfect pH balanced beverage for your hydration needs.

As for me, I can’t quit alkaline water cold turkey after all this! So I’ll be back to keep experimenting and see if any new offerings hit the shelves.Until next time, stay hydrated friends! Let me know if you have go-to alkaline water picks I should try.

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