My Experience Earning and Using Kroger Barney Bucks

How I Saved Hundreds of Dollars with Kroger’s Generous Rewards Program

As someone who loves to save money whenever possible, I was thrilled when I learned about Kroger Barney Bucks, the grocery chain’s rewards program that allows you to earn store credit on many purchases. Since I started using Barney Bucks a few months ago, I’ve managed to earn over $500 worth of credit that I’ve used to save big on groceries and household necessities.

In this blog post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about Kroger Barney Bucks – how the program works, all the ways to earn and use your rewards, tips to maximize your savings, and more. I’ll also share details of my personal experiences using Barney Bucks and some of the great deals I’ve gotten with my rewards. Let’s dive in!

An Overview of Kroger Barney Bucks – What Are They and How Do They Work?

For those unfamiliar, Kroger Barney Bucks are essentially store credit or coupons that Kroger shoppers can earn and then use to save money on future purchases. You accumulate Barney Bucks over time by shopping at Kroger and participating in various promotions and programs. The Barney Bucks you earn go into an account linked to your Kroger Plus Card. Then, when you check out on future trips, your rewards balance is automatically applied to your purchase total to lower the amount you owe.

Barney Bucks come in $5 denominations and can be redeemed the same as cash toward most items sold at Kroger stores. Some exclusions apply, but overall Barney Bucks provide a great deal of flexibility in how you want to use them.

One of the best parts of Kroger Barney Bucks is that they never expire! As long as you remain an active Kroger shopper and keep your Plus Card registered, any unused Barney Bucks stay in your account indefinitely. So there’s no pressure to hurry up and use your rewards if you don’t need to. Mine have been piling up for months!

All the Ways to Start Earning Kroger Barney Bucks Rewards

Kroger makes it simple to start accumulating Barney Bucks. Here are some of the most common ways to earn:

  • Weekly digital coupons – Kroger emails free weekly coupons to Plus Card holders, many of which offer Barney Bucks instead of instant savings. Load these coupons to your card for automatic rewards.
  • Promotional events – Kroger frequently runs short term “earn 5X fuel points and $5 Barney Bucks” promotions on certain brands or products.
  • Loyalty programs – Sign up for Kroger’s loyalty programs like Boost or Personalized Rewards to earn Barney Bucks on featured items.
  • Mobile app offers – Check the Kroger app regularly for exclusive Barney Bucks deals. I often find several per week.
  • New prescriptions – Receive $5 in Barney Bucks for every new prescription filled at Kroger Pharmacy.
  • Gift card purchases – Buy select gift cards and get $5, $10, or more in Barney Bucks to go with them.
  • Money services – Earn rewards for purchasing money orders, loading prepaid cards, and other financial services.
  • Discounted Gift Cards – Buy marked-down gift cards and get bonus Barney Bucks on top of the savings.

As you can see, Kroger offers endless ways to earn, so racking up a nice Barney Bucks balance is easy in no time at all!

Getting the Most from Kroger Barney Bucks – My Tips and Strategies

Here are some of my best tips for maximizing value from the Kroger Barney Bucks program:

  • Take advantage of weekly digital coupons for Barney Bucks deals
  • Look for Barney Bucks offers in the Kroger app and load them to your Plus Card
  • Shop on Friday-Sunday for weekend promotions offering bonus Barney Bucks
  • Buy discounted gift cards to earn extra rewards on top of the sale prices
  • Use Barney Bucks for everyday staples you’ll purchase anyway like produce, meat, dairy, bakery items, pantry items, and toiletries
  • Pair Barney Bucks with digital coupons or sales for extra savings on one transaction
  • Purchase higher-priced items like diapers, formula, or pet food when you have Barney Bucks to take dollars off
  • Don’t let Barney Bucks expire! Check your balance often and use rewards before they disappear
  • Link your Plus Card to your family members’ accounts to share Barney Bucks earning and redemption
  • Take advantage of “spend $X get $X Barney Bucks” targeted offers mailed to your home

Following these tips has helped me maximize the value I get from my Kroger rewards. I’m always looking for new ways to earn and strategic ways to use my Barney Bucks.

My Favorite Purchases and Best Deals Using Kroger Barney Bucks

Since I started utilizing Barney Bucks a few months ago, I’ve saved big on all kinds of grocery and household purchases. Here are some examples of my favorite items to buy with rewards:

  • Meat – Ribeyes, shrimp, salmon fillets, and other proteins I can stock up on when they’re on sale. The extra $5-$10 off Barney Bucks provides makes these luxuries more affordable.
  • Milk and eggs – Our family goes through about a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs a day, so the savings add up when I can take $5 or more off each trip.
  • Fruits and vegetables – Barney Bucks help me splurge on pricier fresh produce like grapes, cherries, and avocados in season.
  • Cheese blocks and deli meat – Great to stock the fridge with snacks and sandwich essentials. Barney Bucks take dollars off every trip.
  • Toilet paper and paper towels – Big savings on bulky necessities I buy regularly anyway.
  • Gift cards – I love using Barney Bucks on gift card multipacks to save on gifts for teachers, friends, and family.

Just last week, I combined a triple-stack of Barney Bucks, digital coupons, and brick-and-mortar coupons to save over $50 on one grocery haul! When you line up all the savings, it feels like you’re practically shopping for free.

Handling Expiration Dates, Returns, and Transfers

Three common questions about redeeming Kroger Barney Bucks are:

  1. Do they expire? No, as I mentioned earlier, Kroger Barney Bucks do not expire as long as you remain an active Kroger shopper.
  2. What if I return an item? When you return an item purchased with Barney Bucks, the rewards used are credited back to your account balance rather than refunded as cash.
  3. Can I transfer Barney Bucks? Unfortunately, you cannot transfer or gift Barney Bucks balances to other customers. The rewards are tied to the individual Plus Card holder.

So you don’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned Barney Bucks! As long as you keep shopping at Kroger, they’ll always be there when you need them.

Signing Up and Checking Your Balance

If you don’t already have a Kroger Plus Card, signing up is easy and free either online or at any Kroger store. Just give them your phone number or email to link your rewards account.

To check your Barney Bucks balance, you can:

  • Ask the cashier when checking out – the balance will print on your receipt
  • Log in to your digital Kroger Plus Card account
  • Use the Kroger mobile app to view your rewards wallet
  • Call 1-800-KROGERS for help accessing your balance

I like to check my Barney Bucks balance before shopping trips to see how much I have to work with and help plan my grocery list!

Where Can Kroger Barney Bucks Be Used?

One of the best parts of Kroger Barney Bucks is that they can be used at any Kroger-owned store, including:

  • Kroger supermarket locations
  • Ralphs stores
  • Dillons stores
  • Smith’s locations
  • King Soopers locations
  • Fry’s Food Stores
  • QFC stores
  • City Market stores
  • Owen’s Market
  • Jay C Food Stores
  • Payless Super Markets
  • Gerbes
  • Harris Teeter
  • Roundy’s stores
  • Copps
  • Metro Market
  • Mariano’s
  • Pick ‘n Save stores

So no matter where you live, if you have a Kroger brand store nearby, you can earn and redeem Barney Bucks there! Their broad redemption network is a major perk.

Limitations and Restrictions on Barney Bucks

While Kroger Barney Bucks can be used on most purchases, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalents like gift cards or money orders
  • Cannot be used for pharmacy prescriptions
  • Cannot be used on alcoholic beverages, tobacco, lottery, stamps, or other restricted items
  • Have a maximum redemption of $5 per transaction
  • Cannot be earned or redeemed at Kroger Express, Kroger Fuel Centers, or Kroger Starbucks locations

So while the exclusions are minimal, it’s good to double check you aren’t trying to use Barney Bucks improperly. Following the terms helps avoid any issues at checkout.

Additional Perks and Unexpected Ways I’ve Earned

In addition to the standard promotions, I’ve uncovered some surprise ways to rack up extra Kroger Barney Bucks:

  • Answering customer surveys on my receipts
  • Participating in focus groups and taste tests at local stores
  • Referring friends and family to sign up for Plus Cards
  • Writing product reviews on the Kroger website
  • Downloading and engaging with Kroger’s mobile apps
  • Watching advertised videos to earn rewards

Kroger finds small ways to reward loyal shoppers all the time, so it really pays to engage with the brand across channels!

Final Tips for Kroger Barney Bucks Success

To wrap up my complete guide on navigating Kroger’s generous rewards program, here are my top tips for unlocking maximum Barney Bucks savings:

  • Take advantage of every promotion and offer – they add up fast!
  • Use the Kroger mobile app to manage digital coupons and offers in one place
  • Discuss Barney Bucks deals with the knowledgeable staff for insider tips
  • Combine Barney Bucks, coupons, and sales for the biggest discounts
  • Buy household staples, pantry items, and frozen foods to maximize everyday savings
  • Purchase higher priced essentials like diapers, pet food, and cleaning supplies to save big
  • Link your card with household members to share earning and redemption
  • Check your balance and use Barney Bucks strategically before they expire
  • Provide feedback and engage with the Kroger brand to unlock extra rewards

With a little time and effort learning to navigate Kroger Barney Bucks, the savings really start to add up. It makes grocery shopping more exciting and rewarding. I’m so glad I took advantage of this generous program and look forward to continuing to maximize my Kroger deals!

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