My Experience Working at the Kroger Delta Memphis Distribution Center

Landing a Job at One of Kroger’s Largest Distribution Hubs

I still remember the first time I drove up to the Kroger Delta Memphis Distribution Center located at 5151 Airways Blvd. The sheer size of the warehouse was staggering, stretching nearly a quarter mile long. But little did I know then that I would soon be working inside, keeping Kroger stores across the region stocked with all kinds of products.

In this blog post, I’ll give you an inside look at what it’s like working at Kroger’s largest distribution center in the Mid-South area and one of the biggest in the country. From the hiring process to the day-to-day operations, I’ll share details about the jobs, technology, training programs and more that make this distribution powerhouse run smoothly.

Accessing Job Opportunities at the Distribution Center

The Kroger Delta Memphis Distribution Center employs over 1,200 people in a variety of roles to keep their 24/7 operation going strong. When I was looking for a job, I went to their careers website and searched for openings at the Memphis location. There were warehouse associate jobs, truck driver positions, maintenance technicians, supervisors, forklift operators and administrative roles. The hiring process was straightforward with an online application, interview and drug screening.

Within a couple weeks of applying, I was orienting on my first day! The pay and benefits were very attractive too, especially the tuition assistance program that allows employees to earn a degree for free. The distribution center also provides good health, dental and vision coverage, 401k matching, paid time off and discounts at Kroger stores.

My Experience as a Warehouse Associate

As a warehouse associate, my primary role involves selecting products from storage racks to fulfill orders for delivery to Kroger stores. I’m assigned to a specific zone in the massive 650,000 square foot warehouse containing thousands of grocery, frozen foods, dairy, deli, meat, produce, bakery and general merchandise products.

My shift starts at 5am when trucks begin arriving from suppliers across the region. It’s a flurry of activity unloading pallets of new inventory coming in as we simultaneously pick items for outgoing deliveries. Our team uses handheld radio frequency (RF) scanner devices that communicate with the warehouse management system to direct us where to pick specific products.

Throughout my shift, I’m moving constantly, walking 5-10 miles per day through the aisles pulling various Kroger branded items as well as national brands. We have strict productivity metrics to hit, so teamwork and staying organized is crucial. My coworkers and I keep each other motivated and try to make the labor-intensive work day fun.

High-Tech Warehouse Operations

While the physical labor is tough, the technology utilized in the distribution center is equally impressive. Kroger has invested in advanced automation and tracking systems to optimize warehouse operations. In addition to the RF scanners, workers leverage voice-directed technology that audibly guides them through pick paths hands-free.

The storage racks containing fast-moving goods utilizelive zone pick-to-light systems, directing pickers via LED lights to the exact item location. Kroger also integrates predictive analytics and AI to anticipate store order volumes and labor needs. Sensors monitor inventory in real-time and HVLS fans optimize air circulation.

SAP enterprise software manages everything from inventory to transportation. The warehouse also features best-in-class food safety technologies like air treatment systems and sanitation processes to protect perishable items.

Growing My Career Over Time

A major perk of working in the distribution center is the room for career growth into supervisory and management-level roles. Kroger provides extensive internal training programs to develop workers and promote from within. I’ve already completed certificates qualifying me to operate forklifts and power equipment.

Next up, I’m planning to enroll in the Retail Leadership Development Program to gain skills needed to become a manager or senior operations lead. Veteran employees say the opportunities for advancement are unmatched. It’s rewarding being part of such a large operation supplying essential products across the region.

In my first months working here, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the complex inner workings of a major grocery supply chain. The Kroger Delta Distribution Center keeps stores stocked 24/7 thanks to dedicated workers, state-of-the-art technology and outstanding training programs. I’m excited to grow my career in logistics with a company that values its employees at every level.

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