My Quest to Find Ace Hardware near the Durango Kroger

As a new homeowner in Durango, Colorado, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting familiar with all of the home improvement stores in town. I’m particularly interested in Ace Hardware, since I’ve heard they have amazing customer service and can help me find exactly what I need for all of my projects around the house.

The other day I needed to make a trip to Kroger to grab some groceries. While I was there, I figured I’d look around for any Ace Hardware products they might carry. Even though Kroger is mainly known as a grocery store, I thought they might have a small hardware section.

Scouting Out the Hardware Selection at Kroger

As I wandered through the aisles at Kroger, I didn’t see any signs pointing me toward tools or hardware accessories. I asked an employee stocking shelves if they carried any type of home improvement supplies. He chuckled and said “No, you’ll have to head to Ace for that!”

Well, that solved the mystery of whether Kroger carries Ace products. This particular Kroger location clearly focused solely on food and grocery items. I’d have to look elsewhere to satisfy my hardware needs.

The employee told me there was an Ace Hardware just down the road, so I made a mental note to stop by after I finished grabbing my essentials at Kroger. I headed to the dairy section to pick up eggs and milk, then went to find the pasta.

Locating the Nearest Ace Hardware in Durango

With my Kroger run complete, it was time to hunt down the nearby Ace Hardware store. I pulled up Google Maps to search for the one the Kroger employee had mentioned. Sure enough, it was just a half mile down the road at 768 E 2nd Ave.

The store was easy to spot with the classic Ace Hardware sign out front. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed people hauling plants, lumber, and other home improvement supplies out of the store. This looked promising!

As I walked through the main entrance, an employee in a red Ace vest cheerfully welcomed me. I instantly felt at home surrounded by aisles stocked with tools, hardware, lawn & garden items, and other essentials.

Exploring the Offerings at Ace Hardware in Durango

I didn’t have a specific project in mind, so I decided to just wander the aisles and see what caught my eye. I was impressed by the wide assortment of products available. I made note of a few departments I wanted to come back to:

  • Paint: Tons of color options from brands like Valspar, BEHR, and Clark + Kensington. I’ll need to paint a few rooms soon.
  • Garden: Great selection of plants, fertilizers, hoses, and gardening tools perfect for my backyard.
  • Tools: Power tools, hand tools, tool storage options – they had it all. I added a cordless drill to my mental shopping list.
  • Hardware: Tons of supplies for home repairs like lumber, drywall, fasteners, and more. I’ll need these to finish my DIY projects.

I was thrilled they had so many options to choose from. The store seemed very well-stocked compared to other hardware stores I’ve visited.

Asking the Experts for Advice

As I explored the store, the staff at Ace Hardware were happy to answer any questions I had. When I found a product I wasn’t familiar with, an employee named Hank explained how it worked and what projects it could help with.

For example, in the fastener aisle I came across something called “Toggler Snaptoggle Drywall Anchors.” I was baffled trying to figure out what these were used for. Hank saw my puzzled look and came over to assist.

He explained these anchors allow you to hang heavier objects on drywall without it ripping out. You just drill a hole, insert the anchor, and then screw in the hook or bracket. Hank gave me some tips on the size and weight limits. I added a pack to my basket since I knew I’d need them someday.

The Ace Hardware staff clearly had extensive product knowledge. I knew I could rely on them for expert advice anytime I needed help with DIY projects.

Taking Advantage of Ace Rewards and Promotions

When I went to check out, the cashier told me about the Ace Rewards program. For just $5 per year, members earn $5 in rewards for every $150 spent. Additional promos are offered exclusively to rewards members as well.

They were running a current promotion where Ace Rewards members got 20% off a single regular priced item. I signed up for the program right there to take advantage of the discount on my drill purchase.

The cashier also mentioned they send coupons out via email with additional store promotions and savings. And every Tuesday, Ace Rewards members get 20% off their entire purchase!

I was glad I asked about savings opportunities. The rewards program seemed like a great way to save money as I tackle more home projects.

Satisfied with My Ace Hardware Shopping Trip

Overall, my trip to the Durango Ace Hardware was a huge success. I found exactly what I needed with help from the friendly, knowledgeable staff. I signed up for Ace Rewards to start saving on my frequent hardware store trips.

The store’s close proximity to the Kroger made it super convenient to shop at both. Next time I’m grocery shopping at Kroger, I’ll be sure to stop by Ace on my way home to pick up hardware supplies.

For all my home improvement needs, I’ll be relying on the exceptional service I found at the Ace Hardware right down the road. Their unbeatable selection and staff expertise can’t be matched. I’m so glad I took the time to explore this hardware gem right in my neighborhood!

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