The Wide World of Kroger Lunch Meats

A Tantalizing Tour Through the Deli Section

As I pushed my cart down the aisles of my local Kroger this weekend, I decided to take a detour into the deli section to check out their selection of lunch meats. As a busy professional and parent, I rely on lunches that are quick, easy, and tasty to get me through hectic workdays. Kroger’s impressive array of pre-packaged and sliced-to-order lunch meats offers me plenty of options to keep my noontime meals exciting.

On this trip, I took my time meandering through the refrigerated cases—there was so much to discover! From everyday classics like turkey and ham to gourmet varieties featuring artisanal ingredients, Kroger has a lunch meat to satisfy any craving. I also appreciated that many of their products offered added convenience like easy-to-open pouches or separate compartments to keep ingredients from mixing.

Below, I’ll share the highlights of my journey through the wide world of Kroger’s deli offerings. Whether you’re a lunch meat lover like me or just looking to add some variety to your sandwiches, keep reading to uncover this one-stop shop’s options. It seems their selection changes frequently, so you never know what treasures you might find on your next deli run!

Tried and True Classics

Of course, no lunch meat selection would be complete without the classics. At Kroger, you can find all your deli case staples like oven-roasted turkey, smoked hamroast beef, and salami. They offer several varieties of each, including lower sodium options for those watching their salt intake. I noticed they have choices from national brands like Oscar Mayer and Hillshire Farm alongside Kroger’s private label Simple Truth brand.

In my experience, the Kroger house brand items are just as tasty as the name brands but cost less—around $2.99 to $3.99 per package depending on weight. One thing to note is that the pre-packaged selections tend to be pricier than having the deli slice your meat fresh. However, the convenience factor of the pre-sliced packages can’t be beat when you’re racing out the door in the morning!

If you’re looking for economical lunch meat options at Kroger, I recommend getting their brand of hickory smoked ham or turkey sliced to order. Both are under $6 per pound but taste just as good as the fancy stuff. I also appreciate that you can get customized thicker or thinner slices based on your preference when you go the sliced-to-order route.

Organic and Natural Selections

In addition to the regular lunch meats, Kroger has an entire Simple Truth organic section. Here you can find all-natural and preservative-free deli offerings that include organic turkeychicken, and roast beef. At $7.99 per package, these options cost a little more than the standard lunch meats but are worth it if you value **minimally processed **ingredients.

I was impressed by the thick, premium slices and tender texture of the organic meats—you can really tell the difference in quality! Kroger also carries the popular Applegate brand of natural and organic deli meats. I noticed they have inventive flavors like Sweet Hot Pepper Turkey and Cranberry Ginger Chicken to spice up your lunch rotation.

Premium Varieties

If you’re looking to get gourmet with your sandwiches, Kroger has you covered there too. They have an entire section of upgraded deli meats featuring unique ingredients and artisanal preparation methods. I’m talking prosciuttosoppressata salamismoked gouda turkey, and sun-dried tomato chicken…the list goes on!

I had fun sampling different premium meats during my last visit. The Boar’s Head Lemon and Herb Chicken had a tangy citrus flavor, while the Columbus Italian Dry Salame delivered bold, peppery notes—so delicious! Of course, these fancy deli offerings come at a price—most rang in around $7.99 to $8.99 per package. For special occasions like a work potluck or friend date, they may be worth the splurge.

Lighter Options

Watching your weight or cutting back on processed meats? Kroger still has you covered. Their selection of lower-calorie, lower-sodium, and nitrate-free lunch meats is impressive. Options range from lean roasted turkey and 95% fat-free ham to nitrite-free Genoa salami. Brands like Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh and Hillshire Farm Naturals offer preservative-free choices for those looking to avoid artificial ingredients.

For a vegetarian lunch meat, Kroger sells Yves Deli Slices in flavors like Oven Roasted Turkey and Smoked Gouda. At 50 calories per slice, these plant-based alternatives allow you to cut down on meat without sacrificing flavor or texture! I also spotted some pouches of light tuna salad in the deli case which make for an easy high-protein lunch.

Deli Platters and Prepared Sandwiches

If you need to feed a crowd or want zero prep work, consider grabbing one of Kroger’s ready-to-serve deli platters or prepared sandwiches. Their meat and cheese platters come with everything from summer sausages to cubed ham alongside cheddar, pepper jack, provolone and more. There are also individually packaged sandwiches featuring deli meats and cheeses on artisan breads—perfect for grabbing and going!

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Kroger’s prepared deli offerings. The portions were generous, ingredients tasted fresh, and prices were reasonable, with platters starting at $3.99 per person and sandwiches averaging $4.99. And if you need a custom order for a party, Kroger’s deli staff can accommodate requests with advance notice.

Lunch Meat Hacks

After perusing the selection, I walked away with plenty of inspiration for easy lunch ideas:

  • Make lunch meat roll-ups by spreading cream cheese onto deli slices and rolling them up. Pop a toothpick in for an easy-to-eat finger food.
  • Stuff pita pockets with shredded lettuce, lunch meat, feta cheese and Greek yogurt ranch for a portable salad.
  • Mix diced ham, turkey, and cheese with mayo and mustard between slices of bread for an upscale deli sandwich.
  • Wrap prosciutto around cantaloupe or pear slices for an elegant appetizer.
  • Make a lunch meat quesadilla by filling a tortilla with sliced meat, peppers, and melting pepper jack cheese.

With so many options, the deli meat possibilities are endless! I could easily visit the Kroger cases weekly and never get bored.

Helpful Tips for Shopping the Deli

After my deep dive into Kroger’s wide world of lunch meats, I picked up some helpful pointers for fellow deli devotees:

  • Ask about Kroger’s current weekly deli specials so you can take advantage of discounted items.
  • For the freshest sliced meats, shop earlier in the day when inventories have just been replenished.
  • Let the deli staff know if you need gluten-free items sliced on clean equipment to avoid cross-contamination.
  • You can often sample new or premium deli meats before purchasing them. Don’t be shy to ask!
  • Pre-packaged lunch meat can be frozen for longer shelf life—just move it to the fridge to thaw when ready to eat.
  • Still not sure what to try? Pick up one of Kroger’s ready-to-eat deli platters so you can sample a variety.

With an entire aisle dedicated to deli offerings, it’s no wonder Kroger is my go-to for satisfying my lunch meat cravings. Their selections cater to every palate—whether you prefer tried-and-true classics or gourmet varieties. Next time your brown bag sandwich needs an upgrade, venture into Kroger’s deli and let the options tempt your tastebuds! With the variety they offer, you’re sure to find a new favorite.

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