Using GasBuddy to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck at Kroger

Finding the Cheapest Gas Prices for Your Community’s Kroger Stations

As I filled up my tank this morning at the local Kroger gas station near my house, I glanced up at the sign showing the price per gallon – $2.15 for regular unleaded. That seemed a bit high to me, so I pulled out my GasBuddy app to see if other Krogers nearby had cheaper gas prices.

Since I started driving over a decade ago, I’ve relied on GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas prices wherever I am. The app crowdsources gas station price information from regular drivers like me, making it easy to see the most up-to-date fuel prices at stations all over the country. As the largest gas price crowdsourcing app with over 150 million downloads to date, GasBuddy has an extensive database of gas stations, including nearly all of the over 2,000 Kroger fuel centers across the U.S.

With just a few taps on my phone, I opened the GasBuddy app and entered my location. Right away it pulled up a list of nearby gas stations sorted by increasing gas price, along with the distance from me. I scrolled down and easily found several Kroger locations with cheaper regular unleaded prices than the one I was at – $2.05, $2.09, $2.10 at stations just a few miles away.

Since the GasBuddy app shows the last time the gas prices were updated by drivers, I could see these lower prices were current within the past few hours. The power of crowdsourcing! Without ever leaving my car, I learned there were cheaper gas options at other Kroger stations very close by.

Leveraging User Reviews and Ratings to Find the Best Kroger Gas Stations

In addition to checking for the latest gas prices, I also like to tap into GasBuddy user reviews and ratings before picking a gas station. Since Kroger has hundreds of fuel centers across most major cities, customer feedback helps identify which ones consistently offer the best prices, services and amenities.

For the cheaper Kroger station options nearby, most had decent ratings around 3.5-4 stars out of 5. But one had a nearly perfect 5-star rating after over 100 GasBuddy member reviews. Comments mentioned its “consistently low gas prices” and “super friendly employees”. That sealed the deal for me to head to that location and fill up my tank.

User ratings and reviews are an invaluable part of the GasBuddy app. They really help drivers discern when an advertised gas price may be too good to be true or identify stations with issues like poor maintenance or unfriendly service. I always check the reviews for any Kroger location I haven’t visited before to avoid any potential problems.

Saving More with Gas Rewards Programs for Kroger and GasBuddy

Another bonus I look forward to when filling up at Kroger stations is the gas rewards savings tied to my Kroger Plus Card. Since I shop regularly at Kroger grocery stores, I earn fuel points that translate into big discounts per gallon at Kroger gas pumps.

Even more gas rewards can be earned by also connecting my GasBuddy account. Their program offers additional gas price discounts for reporting prices and other activities. Between both loyalty programs, I can save upwards of $.50 per gallon sometimes! The savings really add up, especially when gas prices are higher.

The GasBuddy app makes it easy to connect your accounts and redeem rewards. Within the app’s “Pay” section, I registered my Kroger Plus Card number and linked my GasBuddy profile. Now anytime I fuel up at a Kroger station, I enter my phone number and both rewards are automatically applied to my gas purchase.

Saving money on gas is hugely motivating for me to continue participating in these loyalty programs. And the extra discounts make Kroger gas stations even more appealing over competitors when their base gas prices are already cheap. It’s a rewarding win-win!

Timing Fuel Stops Right to Get the Best Deals at Kroger

One pro tip I’ve learned from monitoring Kroger gas prices over time via GasBuddy is to pay attention to weekly and daily trends to optimize savings. In my area, I’ve noticed Kroger gas prices tend to drop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the lowest prices available early weekday mornings.

GasBuddy charts and user reports back this up, showing Kroger fuel costs dipping midweek before creeping up again closer to the weekend. I now aim to fill up on Wednesday mornings and can often save several cents per gallon compared to evenings or Fridays.setting a GasBuddy price alert for Kroger stations means I receive a notification on my phone when their prices hit certain low targets.

Knowing the cheapest times to fuel up during the week along with setting price change alerts through the GasBuddy app helps me make sure I never miss a window of opportunity for maximum gas savings at Kroger. The crowdsourced information provides price transparency so consumers like me get the best bang for our buck at the pump.

Weighing Reputation and Amenities Offered by Kroger Gas Stations on GasBuddy

Besides having some of the most affordable fuel prices around, Kroger gas stations also offer a quality filling experience according to GasBuddy app reviews. The majority of Kroger fuel centers earn above average cleanliness ratings thanks to amenities like on-site vacuums and window washing buckets for customers.

Many also highlight the wide selection of name-brand convenience items and snacks inside the Kroger-run gas station markets. Having a broad range of food, drinks and essentials available at the pump increases convenience for drivers. I appreciate being able to grab a coffee, donut or quick lunch while also gassing up at a good price.

Most GasBuddy users say Kroger attendants are friendly and provide good customer service when needed. Several reviews mentioned employees helped provide directions or came out to check tire air pressure or fluid levels upon request. Beyond the gas discounts, positive feedback on the overall Kroger fueling experience keeps me coming back.

Using GasBuddy to Find Specific Kroger Gasoline and Amenities

With thousands of fuel stations in their database, GasBuddy makes it easy to filter options to pinpoint exact Kroger locations offering the products I want. As an eco-conscious consumer, I always choose renewable biodiesel/ethanol blend options when available. GasBuddy quickly shows me which Kroger stations have these specific fuel types in my area.

The app also lets me search for gas stations with particular convenience amenities – like touchless car washes, propane tank exchanges or EV charging stations. I can check if the Kroger fuel center near me offers the services I’m looking for in addition to affordable gas prices. Those extra perks provide more value from my gas station visits.

Between the crowdsourced gas prices, user reviews and customizable search filters, GasBuddy gives me all the data I need to locate the ideal Kroger fuel stops conveniently nearest me. The insights save me money and time on every gas station trip.

Using GasBuddy to Map Out a Kroger Gas Station Route

Road trips are a regular part of life with family scattered across different states. To save the most on gas when covering long distances, I rely on GasBuddy to map out fuel stops at Kroger stations along my route. Having accounts with both Kroger and GasBuddy rewards programs means even more trip savings per fill up.

The GasBuddy app makes route planning easy – I simply enter my starting and destination points, then it maps nearby Kroger gas stations along the way. I can see at a glance which locations will be cheapest and most convenient based on current gas prices, ratings, amenities and my personal rewards discounts.

Being able to strategically plan the best Kroger fueling stops ahead of a trip helps our family budget for maximum savings. We can allocate more towards fun road trip adventures, rather than spending excessively on gas! Thanks to GasBuddy, we’ll have full tanks and full wallets.

Sharing Tips with Other GasBuddy Users to Save at Kroger

As an avid GasBuddy app user for many years now, I’ve picked up quite a few tips and tricks for getting the lowest prices at Kroger gas stations in my community. It’s rewarding to share my own advice in the app’s forums to help other drivers save money too.

Some of my frequented Kroger fuel center pro tips I’ve passed on include:

  • Check Wednesday mornings for peak weekly discounts
  • Look for Krogers near supermarkets rather than highways
  • Time fill ups for weekday mornings or weekend evenings when traffic is lower
  • Watch for price hike zones near sporting events or concert venues
  • Use a fuel rewards credit card with Kroger discounts for even more savings

GasBuddy is all about crowdsourcing data for the greater good. I’m happy to contribute my own knowledge as a regular Kroger shopper and fueler. Users helping each other out makes the app and its resources even more valuable.

Comparing Regional Kroger Gas Prices to Get the Best Deal

One last great feature I appreciate about GasBuddy is the ability to compare gas prices by region. This comes in handy when traveling between different cities or states to see if Kroger fuel prices differ substantially in another area.

I simply enter a zip code for the location I’ll be traveling to, and GasBuddy shows me the current range of gas costs at Kroger stations in that zone. That way I can get a sense of if prices are significantly higher or lower elsewhere before hitting the road.

Recently I checked Kroger fuel center rates around a city I was visiting out of state. The GasBuddy comparison showed they were over $.50/gallon cheaper than my hometown. Being able to project potential trip savings using regional gas price data makes being a savvy driver much easier.

Knowledge is power when working to maximize gas budget on roads near and far. Thanks GasBuddy for keeping us informed!

So there you have it – an inside look into how I use the GasBuddy app to get the best gas prices at Kroger fuel centers here in my community and on travels across the country. The huge database of crowdsourced gas station information, user reviews and engagement, customizable search filters, mapping capabilities and regional price comparison tools are invaluable for saving money at the pump. I can’t imagine road life without it!

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